Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Okay, let's see, I turned 35 (for pics go to here), have written around 4000 words (two different stories, I usually work on 1-3 at a time), and found the exercise love of my life, yoga. Yes, last night I got down on the floor and bent myself into a myriad of shapes (well not too many, it was only 15 minutes but such a good 15). It was a beautiful thing, so beautiful in fact that I went this morning and bought a new tape with a longer workout on it as well as a beginners pilates. I will keep up with the walking (hopefully better than I have been lately) but I am going to throw yoga into the mix and see what comes out.

(Sing the title to the tune of la-la-la-la-la-lola, who of course was a man. Do you kids remember that song?)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

I Sailed Away to China in a Little Rowboat to Find Ya

Anybody remember that song? If you do I will give you my utmost, supreme congratulations which is worth oh so much on the black market (but not white house, Susan).

Anyway, did 3.3 at a pretty good pace last night. I am happy to see I haven't lost all the progress I made in the last couple of months. My work schedule has been very hectic lately because a lot of the people I work with have kids and I have been trading days so they can do things with those kids. Aren't I just the nicest!?!?

There is a race coming up on Sunday but I don't anticipate breaking any records. It is only a 5K so I know I can do it but since I haven't been working on improving I don't even know if I will make it in under 50. Either way, at least I am moving my butt.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Back in the Walking Shoes Again

Well, its a slow start but I am walking again. Only have 5 miles so far this week thanks to having to work two evenings but it's better than nothing. It's getting warmer but it isn't quite yet hot. I am debating on joining a gym with a track but I am thinking instead I should tough out the heat since the races aren't going to be air-conditioned. Plus since I walk at night, there isn't any sun to make it hotter (not that Texas summer nights are much cooler than the days). However, we shall see.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Too Tired

There was a post in here but Blogger ate it. Will post it again later.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Not Too Shabby

Well, let me start off by saying that the race I did today was the most unorganized mess I have ever seen. Nothing was marked where people could see it (packet pick-up and registration), people just milled around like cattle (it was Ft. Worth aka Cowtown), and they were horribly understaffed at the packet pick-up tables. The race itself had a decent course, several hills (not steep inclines) with lovely matching downsides to go with them. I didn't run any in this race but I did beat my original walking time from my first walked race. The results aren't up but it was several minutes faster, so that made me pretty damn happy.

Must go now. Body aches (why only after a race? why not after everytime I walk?) and I am sleepy. I will post my time if they ever decide to put it up on the race site.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Time Keeps on Tickin

While my butt keeps not walkin...

Yep, once again I have been doing NOTHING.
My excuses:
1) It's been cold and rainy
2) It's been windy and cold
3) I am lazy and like making up excuses

Well, I can't say nothing really, I have been working on my arms and working on a new diet (where I eat several small meals instead of just three). The diet seems to be working, slowly, but working all the same. I have a race this Saturday which I am totally not prepared for but that is ok. A Tex-Mex restaurant is sponsoring it so I am really just going for the free food handouts. I probably won't do very well but I am going to try to incorporate some running in with the walking so who knows. This time I will also make sure to attach my timing chip better so I don't lose it. Wish me luck boys and girls that I make it through to the fajitas at the end of the line.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Making Improvements

I did it!! I beat my last 5K time. Of course I also lost my timing chip and the time you see to the side is an estimation. When I crossed the finish line the announcer said 49:00. Kate crossed a little after me so I took her gun time and made took off the same difference in her chip time which put me at 48:00. I did do some jogging in this race which helped but I need to work on that since I didn't make it very far the three times I did break into a jog.

Other events of interest:
1) saw two reasons I will never get married - one man was sashaying down the street in between the times he was waving his arms in the air 'like he just don't car' (his wife ran with him and then stayed with her friends who were close to me) and the other guy looked like on of the ZZTop boys and was walking backwards almost the whole race. WHY OH WHY would I potentially saddle myself with one of those. You know they won't do it while you are dating so you won't get to observe this peculiar behavior until it is TOO LATE
2) Played bathroom duty for Susan (no details, ask her).
3) Water makes me move oh so much faster
4) The green beer was 3.00 a cup but thankfully it was the restaurants honey blonde and not Coors Light. I am not a HUGE fan of light beers but I really can't stand American light beers. Amber all the way!
5) My sister did her first walking race, she beat my time from my first race. (53:00 to her 50:13). Congrats to my sister!
6) My butt bounces too much when I run. I saw a few other women out there with butts as big as or bigger running and I wonder 'how do they do that?'
7) Kate beat both her goals but that goes on her blog
8) I watched three movies including my first Bollywood production,Bride and Prejudice (I liked it). Also watched Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (which I liked and found the movie very visually interesting) and Horseman on the Roof (foreign film, very good)
9) I found out that the scented oil in the Bath and Body works wall plug-ins eats plastic
10) I have some pictures but I will have to load the software so I can download them.

Oh yeah, and I passed 100 miles. GO ME!!!